Cooling System

There are many types of coolers in large hydraulic stations, including water cooling and air cooling.

Water cooling can be divided into tube coolers and plate coolers according to different structures.

The working principle of water cooling is to allow the heating medium and the cold medium to convection and exchange heat, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

The selection depends on the power of heat exchange to determine the cooling area.

1. Performance requirements

(1) There must be enough heat dissipation area to keep the oil temperature within the allowable range.

(2) The pressure loss should be small when the oil passes.

(3) When the system load changes, it is easy to control the oil to maintain a constant temperature.

(4) Have sufficient strength.

2. Types (classified according to different media)

(1) Water-cooled cooler (snake tube cooler, multi-tube cooler and corrugated plate cooler)

(2) Air-cooled cooler (plate-fin cooler, fin-tube cooler)

(3) Media-cooled cooler (split air cooler)

3. Installation: The cooler is generally installed in the oil return pipeline or low pressure pipeline, and can also be installed at the oil outlet of the hydraulic pump when necessary to form an independent cooling circuit


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